Are your QTs becoming Duo-Purposed?

As Compliance Trainers, we are evolving again. This is a good thing, I think.   You see, years ago it was a lot clearer to distinguish between Classroom Trainers and SMEs as OJT Trainers. OJT was delivered 1-1 by “following Joe/Jane” around. Classroom Trainers delivered their content in a classroom for many using slides, flipcharts and handouts. They were usually full time dedicated training staff.

With so many SMEs becoming OJT Qualified Trainers, I started to hear tales from the trenches that several of them were being asked to deliver a new hybrid form of training called “Group Training” where 1 on few or 1 on many met in an office, a huddle room, or classroom to “train” on SOPs; usually minor revisions.  Is this OJT or is it classroom training?  It’s neither despite that the content is still SOPs. It’s more like a discussion led by a Qualified Trainer without power point slides.  And is captured on a training record; not the OJT checklist.

More recently however, I am seeing a new SME trend that is occurring more and more in today’s Life Sciences Companies. Many OJT QTs are being assigned to deliver formal classroom sessions on content found within their SOPs. While the SOP content remains the same for OJT as it does for classroom, how to deliver it via a classroom is not the same technique at all. See “Step Away from the Podium and put down those speaker notes”.

Classroom training requires training in theory and practice in what use to be referred to as platform skills. Today, it is more commonly know as “Running a Classroom” or “Basic Facilitation Skills”. The point I am making is that the curriculum for OJT QTs does not include skills for the classroom. They need an additional workshop focused on the classroom.  The Trainers Grid below depicts five typical training situations requiring training.


What is exciting for me about this new trend is that many OJT QTs are stepping up and volunteering to attend the workshop for classroom SMEs as part of expanding their QT toolkit.  Many QTs want to learn more about engaging their peers as learners and working with adults.  A few have now become promoted to full time trainer for L&D /QA departments.  Which of your OJT QTs are ready to step up and move into the classroom? It’s time to find out and be ahead of the trend. -VB

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