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HPIS Consulting, Inc.  now manages two websites.


HPISC. Blog Spot is the home location for President, Vivian Bringslimark’s blog, HPISC. Blog Spotentitled “Theory vs. Practice”.  It is also the new location for a more user friendly library.

The Resource Library is now “Open for Business”.   Curious about what topics are available, click here and you will be directed to the Resource Library Page for more details.

As new materials becomes available, an individual page will be published and an announcement will be sent to HPISC. Followers.   Join the mailing list to be informed on updates and notices about new content when it becomes available.

HPIS Consulting, Inc. (www.hpisconsulting.com) is the company’s website and is intended to serve as an on line company brochure with the featured pages:



Navigating to that website is an easy click.  At the sidebar menu, scroll down for Links and click on HPIS Consulting, Inc.


Thank you for visiting the page!

Contact Vivian if you need additional website navigation support.

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