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Announcing the newest HPISC eBook | How to shift your design strategy


CLIENT: Can you “teach” the basic regulations for GMPs in about an hour or two and make it you know engaging? Oh and give them a test so we know they got it?

Trainer: What about activities or exercises? You did say engaging.

CLIENT: Oh, we don’t have time for that! But can you also cover everything else on this 2 page list?

When to outsource your GMP refreshers eBook is available.

HPISC eBook | When to Outsource Your GMP Refreshers


GMP Refresher is not a repeat of the regulations. It is not a repeat of the Basics GMP Course. And it is not just watching a video, even if it is a new video.

The intention is to stay current with regulatory changes and not necessarily relearn the regulations.

One size does not fit all ebook is available.

HPISC eBook: One Size Does Not Fit All

Excerpt: GMP Challenges and dilemmas
  • Efficiency vs. Effectiveness
  • Range of Delivery Methods
  • Size of Allocated Budgets

The standard one size fits all course for “all attendees” continues to present challenges.

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