Annual GMP Refreshers: Managing the “c” in cGMPs

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Annual GMP Refreshers - Managing the c in cGMPs
Annual GMP Refreshers – Managing the c in cGMPs


Oh no, Labor Day has come and gone and we still have to do our annual GMP Refresher!ā€ Sound familiar? Hopefully not, but deciding on what the annual refresher should be or what topic to pick causes some elevated levels of stress for folks tasked with the responsibility of providing annual GMP training.

Take Aways:

  • A refresher on the intention of the ā€œcā€ in cGMP and what an Annual GMP Refresher series can include.
  • Exploration of the concept of Learner Centered Approach to designing and delivering Annual GMP Refreshers and maximizing the intended learning transfer.

Typical Requester:
Compliance Trainers, QS/QA Training Managers, L&D Trainers

How Used:

  • This article appeals to GMP Compliance Trainers looking for ideas for the annual gmp refresher.
  • It also appeals to training managers who want some insight into how the GMP refresher program should be designed.

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