Impact Story – No More Boring GMP Refreshers

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No More Boring GMP Refreshers
No More Boring GMP Refreshers

This impact story describes how one organization learned to shift their ideas for GMP Refresher Training and allowed its employees to become more actively engaged in the refresher activities with the help of an instructional designer / facilitator trained in adult learning principles.

  • The request: “Can you come in and “teach” the basics rules (regulations) for GMPs in about an hour or two and make it, you know engaging? Oh and give them a test so we know they got it?”
  • But the problem was they believed that employees just “weren’t getting the message” so if they brought in an outside expert who would “tell them the GMPs” and then test them afterward, they would finally get it.

Take Aways:

  • Brief explanation of the Human Performance Improvement Method in Use.
  • Learn what the biggest challenges were and what wasn’t working for this company.

Typical Requester:

This article appeals to Compliance Trainers who need help in convincing management to make GMP refreshers relevant and engaging and concentrate less the laundry list of “thou shall remember these” rules.

How Used:

Requesters want to leverage the lessons learned and advise their management not to fall into the same predicament.

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