SOPs are now on line: But are we anymore compliant?

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Excerpt: Well, we are now more compliant with ensuring that only the most current version is trained on. And yes, our Learning Management System provides us with curricula updates and % complete and % overdue notifications. LMSes and eDoc systems have given us efficient mechanisms to document that employees have completed their training curricula.

Take Aways:

  • Explanation for why R & U is NOT suitable for SOP revision training
  • 5 levels of employee classification with matching learning needs

Typical Requester:

  • This article appeals to a wide audience of Quality, Operations, and HR Professionals.

How Used:

  • Trainers and Training Managers love to download this article as a backdrop to initiate the discussions.  Namely, “Do they understand their procedures enough to perform them correctly back on the job? Just look at our human error deviations and training related CAPAs.
  • The second use of this article to facilitate a discussion on Over-Allocated Training Curricula.
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