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Toolbox is the periodic newsletter for Compliance Trainers and QTs (Qualified Trainers)

Since it’sToolboxsamplePAge1 2009 inception, HPISC. followers anxiously await the announcement of the next issue.  Published three times a year, each issue is read from front to back, saved, forwarded, archived and even deemed required reading in some of HPIS C.’s client organizations.

And new followers request all back up issues when they join the mailing list.

Each issue features the main concept with an in-depth look at a related thread that is too big for a side bar table.


Another key feature is the dedicated QT Corner page.

ThiTollboxSamplePAge2s column is focused on the same issue or a related component and treats the concept from a QT’s point of view with quick advice and easy to remember take aways. There is also the handy QT Tip sidebar for those QT’s in a hurry.

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