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Listed below are a variety of worksheets, checklists, job aids, reference guides, PDFs, and forms that HPISC followers have become fond enough to download and submit a request.  Each tool is listed below, scroll down to locate the name of tool you are seeking.  Newest tools are at the top.  “Elements of a RTS” is located at the bottom.

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Tips for Knowledge Checks

RTS Lexicon

Training Cause Analysis – How to Conduct

Cultivating a Performance Improvement Mindset


Tool: Training Evaluation Design Strategy Planner

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Tool: Job Aid: Openings for Instructor Led Sessions



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Facilitating the Shift from Passive Listening to Active Learning

Moving from Presenter Controlled Training to Learner Focused Facilitation


Tool: Trainer Mojo Assessment

10 attributes of Effective OJT Trainers



When SMEs have too much secret sauceBlog Post –


Tool: A Systems View of Training – Reference Guide

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 4.58.51 PM



Art and Science of Training – Blog Post

RTS Materials
Why Training is more than a check in the box







Tool: Job Aid: Classroom Materials Checklist




Worst Training Nightmare? Blog Post

Impact Story about Qualifying Technical SMEs
Impact Story about Qualifying Technical SMEs





Tool: Performance Causes Checklist


Performance Causes







Tool: Training Performance Improvement RCA Questions to Ask

Resource Tool


100 Percent Trained   Tool with Published Article





Tool: Robust Training System Checklist

Checklist for RTS



Read Vivian’s First Published Article

If Training is So Easy