So You Want a Robust Training System?

HPISC. Resource Library: Content Area: Robust Training Systems



This white paper clarifies two misconceptions regarding training systems:

1.) Implementing a robust training system is more than having a sophisticated Learning Management System (LMS). The Training System is NOT the LMS.
2.) Having a robust training system is more than having a set of newly published procedures. “Because it’s now in the SOP”, will not make your new training system robust.

Take Aways:
In-depth explanation of the 6 key elements of a robust training system.
The white paper also discusses workplace environmental factors that also influence the sustainability of the system post launch.

Typical Requester:
This article appeals to QA Directors,L &D Directors and HR VPs.

How Used:
The most popular use is to educate other peers from cross functional departments on what a robust training is and what it is not.


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