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HPISC Impact Stories

I’ve fired my vendor: Can you help me? An impact story about strategically aligning the Qualified Trainers Workshop.

All my SMEs need is a class on adult learning principles |An impact story about delivering a course that meets the needs of technical SMEs and simultaneously meets the urgent compliance needs of an organization.

The real meaning of TTT for SMEs |An impact story about the power of words, graphics, and asking clarifying questions.

From Department SME to Qualified Trainer | An impact story about how a company met regulatory expectations by implementing one element of the training system at a time.

Capturing the Secret Sauce of Equipment Operators |An impact story about assuming that all you need to do is capture knowledge from SMEs to upgrade operators’ skill sets.

HPISC White Papers

Step Away from the Podium |White paper describes challenges and disappointments when technical SMEs deliver classroom-training sessions without proper support.

Sustaining QT Momentum: Post Launch Sponsorship | White paper explores what happens after the TTT course is delivered and the barriers that get in the way of transferring learning to job performance success.

Additional Resources:

Nominating your SMEs as QTs |HPISC Published Article about why it’s more than seniority and technical expertise.

Not convinced your TTT course needs an upgrade? |HPISC TTT Upgrade Kit