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Excerpt from the Definitive Guide for Robust Training Systems:

3. Use of Qualified Trainers
The old practice of a signed training record qualifying as a department trainer no longer meets FDA expectations.  The regulations state that training “shall be conducted by qualified individuals”.  Regulators want to know how trainers are selected and how they are trained to effectively teach and qualify others.

Employees who have subject-matter expertise or extensive experience with a particular task may have the right knowledge but lack the skills to deliver instruction that is effectively transferred back to the job.  SMEs are usually unaware of adult learning theory or ways to increase interest or enhance retention. It takes more than technical expertise or being the most senior staff member.  Read More

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HPISC Impact Stories

I’ve fired my vendor: Can you help me? An impact story about strategically aligning the Qualified Trainers Workshop.


The real meaning of TTT for SMEs |An impact story about the power of words, graphics, and asking clarifying questions.


From Department SME to Qualified Trainer | An impact story about how a company met regulatory expectations by implementing one element of the Robust Training System at a time.

All My SMEs need is a class on adult learning principles |An impact story about delivering a course that meets the needs of technical SMEs and simultaneously meets the urgent compliance needs of an organization.

HPISC White Papers

Step Away from the Podium |White paper describes challenges and disappointments when technical SMEs deliver classroom-training sessions without proper support.

Sustaining QT Momentum: Post Launch Sponsorship | White paper explores what happens after the TTT course is delivered and the barriers that get in the way of transferring learning to job performance success.

Additional Resources:

Nominating your SMEs as QTs |HPISC Published Article about why it’s more than seniority and technical expertise.

Not convinced your TTT course needs an upgrade? |HPISC TTT Upgrade Kit

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