Capturing Secret Sauce of Senior Equipment Operators

HPISC. Resource Libary:

Content Area: SMEs and QTs

Item: Impact Story – Capturing Secret Sauce of Senior Operators

Secret Sauce of SMEs
Secret Sauce of SMEs

This impact story is about assuming that all you need to do is capture knowledge from Subject Matter Experts to upgrade operators’ skill sets.

The request was to identify and capture the knowledge and skills of senior equipment operators so that novices could up-grade existing skill sets.

The problem was the organization lacked the resources and methodology to capture SMEs tacit knowledge learned while on the job.

Take Aways:
Brief explanation of the Human Performance Improvement Method in Use.
Learn what biggest challenges were – what wasn’t working for this company.
HPIS Customized Solution and Impact Results for Organization.

Typical Requester:
This article appeals to a operations managers who want to leverage an up-skilling initiative and be successful with deployment.

How Used:
Requesters want to leverage the lessons learned and advise their management to not fall into the same predicament.


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