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Content Area: SMEs and Qualified Trainers

Item: Impact Story

Impact Story about Qualifying Technical SMEs
Impact Story about Qualifying Technical SMEs

Abstract: TTT stands for train-the-trainer, sure but does that mean they all take the same course especially when there are OJT SMEs and Technical SMEs?

Moment of Need: Marta is running out time and options for qualifying her technical SMEs.

Dilemma: Does she postpone the CAPA close out while she develops the best course available or does she help the organization meet the CAPA due date and deliver a hybrid version of the OJT workshop and call it done?

Find out how Marta discovers the right solution almost by accident by requesting your copy of the story below:

RequestImpactStoryButtonAre your Qualified Trainers becoming Duo -Purposed?



Your Optional Takeaway: Job Aid: Classroom Materials Checklist for SMEs