You Changed Our Culture – Impact Story

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Content Area: Training Effectiveness / Metrics

Item: Training Culture Impact Story

You Changed Our Culture – Impact Story

This impact story is about assuming that all you need to do is capture knowledge from Subject Matter Experts to upgrade operators’ skill sets.

  • The request was to design and implement a training and qualification program.
  • The problem was the client could not defend the effectiveness of their training “program” during an extensive FDA inspection.



Take Aways:

  • Brief explanation of the Human Performance Improvement Method in Use.
  • Learn what the biggest challenges were and what wasn’t working for this company.

Typical Requester:
This article appeals to a Compliance Trainers who need help in convincing management to make GMP refreshers fun and engaging and concentrate less the laundry list of “thou shall remember these” rules.

How Used:

Requesters want to leverage the lessons learned and advise their management not to fall into the same predicament.


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