White Paper: After QIP due dates are met, expect smooth sailing, right?

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QIP WP_Picture1Abstract: What really happens to change initiatives after the due dates are met, the consultants leave and the priority is re-directed to another pressing issue? What kind of post implementation support is there for the leader charged with the ultimate responsibility for improved performance?

Take Aways:

  • Explanation of why training only roll outs are not enough to gain 100% participation and compliance with changes associated with Quality Improvement Plans / Continuous Improvement Plans / Strategic Action Plans.
  • Suggestions for additional activities that need to be designed, planned for and incorporated into the overall QIP. A strategy for maintaining the new changes for sustained performance improvement.

Typical Requester:

  • This article appeals to all levels of QA professionals.
  • It also is requested by Training Managers who are tasked with rolling out “awareness” sessions for the employees affected by the changes.

How Used: The paper is used as supplemental reading for QIP teams as they prepare for implementation of the redesigned quality system.


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