What makes Vivian Bringslimark different?

I have always been in and around training and education.  In high school, I was on the tutoring squad and had a part-time job at the Huntington Learning Center.  During my first week of college, I decided to become a Math Teacher because Mr. Keegan took the time to explain “the why” and it made sense.  I concluded that it was only a matter of the way it was taught to students.  So, I got a dual degree in Math and Math Education and taught fractions to middle school students.  The administration also gave me the responsibility for “computer literacy”.  Fascinated and up to the challenge, I got my first master’s degree in Educational Computing with a specialization in Database Management and received my permanent teaching certification for NY State.  

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HPIS Consulting, Inc., President

I  left secondary education, however, and fell into Pharmaceuticals, where I found myself working with and “teaching adults”.   The walls and floors of the classroom shifted to offices, conference rooms, cafeterias, and the shop floor.   Recognizing that adults learn differently than children, I got accepted to Teachers College Columbia University and got my second master’s in Adult and Continuing Education with a focus on workplace, training and development.  It was during my first semester’s project that the original idea for Qualifying SMEs as Trainers Workshop was born.   As I was finishing up my degree at Teachers College, I was given an opportunity to implement my Master’s Thesis.  I built an entire department to run Robust Training Systems. After a series of post-inspection follow-ups, the FDA changed the company’s GMP status to acceptable and the site resumed product approvals again. I knew that I had designed a worthwhile program.

I am a Systems Thinker

One of the essential success factors for a robust training system is that it is built upon systems thinking.  When I got promoted to Director of Training, I began to interact with other engineers. I cultivated a unique ability to “see both the forest and the trees” and on a weekly basis, I met with the General Manager to map out ideas and strategies for his improvement initiatives or what he called “pie in the sky” sessions.  Afterward, I would meet with the VP of Operations, who was an uber-engineer and map out the blueprint details to launch site-wide initiatives and projects. Once my systems thinking visualization and project management skillset was revealed, I was sought after to launch multiple performance improvement projects for other departments.

I then became a Quality Systems Consultant

Restless and wanting a new challenge, I joined the compliance consulting firm, Parexel. I published my first of many articles and had the privilege of working side by side with former FDA investigators including former FDA commissioner, Ron Teztlaff.  Unfortunately, there was very little opportunity to work on training systems. When the opportunity to leave Parexel arose, I parted ways amicably.  Within 24 hours, HPIS Consulting, Inc. was launched and the first client secured within the week.

What I love the most about working at HPIS Consulting, Inc?

Every time a prospective client says “we’ve been looking for someone like you.  You have the right mix of compliance experience and you are schooled in how to design training programs.” To which, I respond, “and I’ve been looking for you. We are a perfect match for each other!”


I partner with VPs, Directors, Senior Managers and PMOs (Project Management Office) to ensure complex human performance solutions strategically transfer back on the job to improve business unit performance and meet regulatory commitments.  I utilize the technical tools of project management: planning, monitoring, tracking, managing changes, adjusting to shifting priorities and timely sponsor decisions. And deploy the art of collaboration with System Owners and Department SMEs by using facilitation, negotiation, communication and resolving conflict skills set while managing stakeholders’ expectations for project success.

Core Competencies: (1) Instructional Systems Design customization to align learning needs strategically with business objectives (2) integration of a Robust Training Quality System with key cross-functional quality systems to ensure sustainable, repeatable and defendable business outcomes.

* GMP/QSR Compliance
* Database Management
* Project Management
* Change Management
* Systems Thinking and Process Mapping Techniques

Why I created HPIS Consulting, Inc.

I also served as Trusted Advisor to the Board of Directors for GMP Training, Education Association, Inc.  In my former role of Chief Learning Officer, I brought today’s technology to the “TEA” enabling more members to remain active by participating in online events such as GIG events, webinars, and the Linked In discussion group. 

I am a life long learner

 I continue to enrich my professional development as well as speak at numerous GxP conferences and association chapter meetings.

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List of my Favorite Books for a Performance Consultant:

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