“Learning on the fly”

When Rapid Design for E Learning found its way into my vocabulary, I loved it and all the derivatives like rapid prototyping.  And soon, I starting seeing Agile this and Agile that.  It seemed that Agile was everywhere I looked.  When Michael Allen published his book, LEAVING ADDIE for SAM, I was intrigued and participated in an ATD (formerly known as ASTD) sponsored webinar.  It made a lot of sense to me and “I bought into the concept”.  Or so I thought …

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5 thoughts on ““Learning on the fly””

  1. Very Interesting And Thank You For Sharing. In Our Current State Of The Pharmaceutical Balance There Is Always The Challenge Of Completing Quickly And Agressively. You Certainly Nailed The Need And Met The Eequirements And Expectations By Having The SME’S Directly Involved.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. I was hoping it would provide a perspective on how to navigate through our disruptive compliance world. And that Compliance Trainers can still be effective as facilitators. V-

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