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HPIS Consulting, Inc. manages two websites.

HPISC. Blog Spot

HPISC Blog Spot is the home location for President, Vivian Bringslimark’s blog, entitled “Theory vs. Practice”.  Just a few of the more recent blogs below:

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It is also the home for HPISC content assets such as white papers, impact stories, and e-Books. Curious about what topics are available, take a quick peak right now!

HPISC Resource Library offers content in these topics.

As new materials become available, new page updates are announced via mailing list notifications.   Join the mailing list to be informed on updates and notices about new content when it becomes available.

HPIS Consulting, Inc. is the company’s website and is intended to serve as an online company brochure with the featured pages:


Navigating to the HPISC homepage is easy.

Learn more about HPIS Consulting.

What else does HPISC do besides publish blogs, white papers and eBooks? Glad you asked!

Who is Vivian Bringslimark?

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