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Navigating the HPISC Library Lobby

The first thing that you’ll notice that the content is grouped around topics of interest and challenges today’s Learning and Development and Quality Professionals are managing every day.

HPISC Mailing List supporters, current and former clients, and PDA TRI course attendees find themselves at the resource library either through a referral or a link from a blog post or a mention of a related piece.

HOW TO Access the Library?

  1. Navigate to the sidebar library menu and scroll down to the Content Section of interest.
  2. Each Content Area page will list the available content with additional instructions for access.
  3. Can’t find what you are looking for?
  4. Send an Inquiry: vbringslimark@hpisconsulting.com

The HPISC Library Promise

Go ahead and submit your request!
So what happens after you submit your content request?

1.) If you are a first-time requester, an email will be sent asking that you make vivianbring@comcast.net a safe sender. Documents are attached to emails. If your company catches documents with attachments, please make the email address a safe sender or use an email address that accepts attachments.

2.) After you send the email verification response, the document will be attached.

3.) Two – four weeks later, Vivian will follow up with you to ensure that the email did not get sent to spam, that you were able to open it, and to allow you to book a gratis 30 minute personal debrief chat with Vivian.

4.) Don’t delete the free chat. Many folks receive premium content not found in the library just by sharing their feedback. No further obligation required!

Vivian also publishes shorter opinion pieces and current trending thoughts via her Theory vs. Practice blogs. See a few recent blogs below:

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