I’ve been re-org’d!

What’s in for me to comply with your request?

Ive beenReorgd

Abstract: The following is an impact story about implementing a cross-training program without the involvement of the directly affected employees and how hidden motives can significantly influence expected performance outcomes.

The request was to structure a cross-training developmental plan for Product Development (PD) Technicians.

The Problem: Despite available training history profiles, the PD Supervisor could not substantiate which of the subject matter experts could support a PD project without additional interviews. She could not assign qualified technicians to work on Product Development project objectives simply by viewing their training history.

Take Aways:

Typical Requester: This article appeals to Compliance Trainers and Managers who are tasked with monitoring completion of Training Requirements ala Curricula Management.

How Used: Requesters want to leverage the lessons learned and advise their management not to fall into the same predicament.


Who is the author, Vivian Bringslimark?

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