Performance Analysis: lean approach to solving performance problems

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“I need training for 800 Employees ASAP!”  In preparation for an imminent post regulatory inspection, a corporate Quality mock-up audit was conducted. One of the observation items was a lack of training documentation for Job Aids related to a new process rollout.
The VP of Quality immediately determined, “we need training for 800 employees, ASAP”.  Pretty typical corrective action, right?  What follows is how the performance analysis approach was used to close out the audit observation well ahead of the required due date.

Take Aways:

  • Comparison of Performance Analysis vs. Training Needs Analysis
  • Additional case study involving training curricula

Typical Requester:
This article appeals to new performance consultants who anxiously await their first series of HPI Projects.

How Used:
Training managers generally request this white paper to learn more how to solve performance problem without first resorting to a training needs analysis.


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