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Content Area: Cause Analysis – Human Error

Item: Training Cause Analysis eBook


Table of Contents:
Introduction – What is a Fish Bone Diagram? Chapter 1 – What if it’s not really Operator Error?
Chapter 2 – Why Didn’t the Training Transfer Back to the Job?
Chapter 3 – 4Ms Training Cause Analysis Template
Chapter 4 – Walk Me Through a Worked Example
Conclusion – 3 Points to Consider

Take Aways:

  • The Training 2 Step Method
  • Learn difference between refresher training and re-training.

Typical Requester:
This article appeals to a wide audience of QA, QS and L & D Professionals.  This eBOOK is the  most requested piece of content from the library.

How Used: Primary use is to teach a team how to conduct a root cause analysis for a training related error.

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Still not sure – a training root cause analysis?  Is that any different from a “regular” root cause analysis?  Read Analyses du jour    a HPISC blog post from Theory vs. Practice.

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