Why the Band Aids Keep Falling Off

Why the Band Aids Keep Falling Off

Abstract: When we cut ourselves, we automatically reach for a band aid. Why? It stops the bleeding and we can quickly return to whatever we were doing before the “accident” happened.

Root cause fixes can be applied a lot like band aids; a quick solution to stop the bleeding and hope the problem solves itself. When the problem returns again or worsens, we realize that our quick fix might have backfired into something more.

Take Aways:

  • Fixes that back fire diagram
  • Insights into the 3 Levels of Interaction influencing performance

Typical Requester:

  • This article appeals to QA and Quality Systems professionals.
  • Production / Operations Managers also find value in the article.

How Used:
Quality Systems professional who are seeking support in conducting root causes the right way.


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