Want Management Support? Act like a performance consultant

During 2020, Learning and Development/ QA Training was front and center with a demand for training like never before, and “we” delivered.  Talk about the impact it had on organizations and how it classified Training as essential to the business. 

As organizations work out what the future of work looks like, L&D /Training has an opportunity to continue to make a sustainable impact on organizational performance improvement. 

Then why are Trainers lamenting about lack of management support for training; even for skills building and future technology needs? The answer may be found by examining today’s training model.  It lacks the ability to produce the kind of results that Management is now seeking.  However, Performance Consultants are having success at getting those results.

Take Aways:

  • This white paper explores the evolution of the training model and why we still continue to use it.
  • It also examines the relationship between Trainers and Managers.
  • Provides tips for gaining trust and trustworthiness.

Typical Requester:
Compliance trainers, technical trainers and any other quality assurance professionals who have some degree of training responsibilities will find the white paper to be useful in their practice

How Used:
Trainers are looking for suggestions on performance consulting type of partnership for the transfer of training.


Who is the Author, Vivian Bringslimark?

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