Want Management Support? Act like a performance consultant

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Item: White Paper – Want Management Support? Act like a performance consultant

WP_Management Support_Picture1Abstract:
The war for talent has prompted organizations to re-define their strategies for not only recruiting top talent but keeping the talent they already have engaged and retained. “People are our greatest asset” is a prevalent theme and one that is being written about frequently in training periodicals.

Then why are Trainers lamenting about lack of management support for training; even required training? The answer may be found by examining today’s training model.  It lacks the ability to produce the kind of results that Management is now seeking.  However, Performance Consultants are having success at getting those results.

Take Aways:

  • This white paper explores the evolution of the training model and why we still continue to use it.
  • It also examines the relationship between Trainers and Managers

Typical Requester:
Compliance trainers, technical trainers and any other quality assurance professionals who have some degree of training responsibilities will find the white paper to be useful in their practice

How Used:
Trainers are looking for suggestions on performance consulting type of partnership for the transfer of training.


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