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Origins of the HPISC Toolbox

In 2009, HPISC published and distributed its newsletter, Toolbox three times a year to clients and SMEs who signed up. With the success of Toolbox, came the migration to a more formal blog site and resource library in 2014.  And hence, the original concept for Toolbox was no longer needed.

With the ever-popular Resource Tools page, Vivian repurposed the HPISC Toolbox with a slightly different focus. It is more of a resource toolbox that includes checklists, resource guides, job aids, and assessments. HPISC Mailing List Supporters have access to download these resources directly on password – protected pages as they are developed.

Listed below are the available Toolbox resource tools. Each tool is listed below alphabetically by name, scroll down to locate the name of the tool you are seeking.  The newest tool(s) is featured at the top separately.

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Process Change Analysis Worksheet
resource: Classroom Materials Checklist
resource: how to Open your classroom Sessions: Job Aid for Technical SMEs as Classroom Facilitators
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Resource: Investigators Hand Off: Tell Me the Story
Resource: Performance Causes Checklist
Resource: Performance Improvement training RCA Questions to Ask
resource: robust training system checklist
What makes a training system robust?

resource: Systems View of Training – Reference Guide
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Why Training is More Than a Check in the Box |HPISC Published Article

RTS Materials
Why Training is more than a check in the box

Resource: Trainer Mojo Assessment
10 attributes of Effective OJT Trainers

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resource: Training Evaluation Design Strategy Planner