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The Definitive Guide to Making a Quality Training System Robust is now available.

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So You Want a Robust Training System? Abstract:
This white paper clarifies two misconceptions regarding training systems.

I Want Your Robust Training System Abstract: This impact story is about how one company despite its multiple critical priorities managed to roll out their Employee Qualification Training Program.

You Changed our Training Culture Abstract: This impact story is about the consequences of not keeping up to date with training best practices and regulatory expectations.

How big is the change gap? Abstract: This impact story is about recognizing what a robust training system (RTS) meant for the future of a small vitamin and supplements company. But first, they needed to build the change foundation for their desired state.

HPISC Impact Stories

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The Big Training CAPA | HPISC Coaching Brief

HPISC Articles

Moving Beyond R & U SOPs |Published Article

RTS Materials

Why Training is More Than a Check in the Box | Published Article

If Training is So Easy| Vivian’s 1st Published Article

Management Engagement: The Key to Quality Systems | Published Article

Additional Resources:

Broken training system
HPISC Has a Broken Training System Bundle Kit

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