Broken training system

Got a Broken Training System?

Wait! A broken training system?  How can I tell?

If this is the first time you are hearing the concept of a robust training system, I highly recommend you read the Definitive Guide to Making a Quality Training System Robust.

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Definition of a Robust Training System is …

“When the six elements, its sub-processes, and cross-functional quality system linkages are organized into a logical flow that is controlled by procedures, is repeatable and is in sync with an Employee Training and Development Lifecycle” – Vivian Bringslimark, HPIS Consulting, Inc.

It takes 6 elements to make a training system robust. What is the “health” of each of these elements below where you work? Efficient, effective, and smoothly interfacing or problematic, redundant, ineffective, and quite honestly, fragmented?

Why these 6 elements?

1.) GxP and Training Curricula

2.) Planned OJT for Procedures (aka SOJT)

3. ) Use of Qualified Trainers

4.) On-Going GxP Refresher Series

5.) Employee Qualification and Training Effectiveness Measures

6.) Training Documentation Process

How to check the health of your Quality Training System

Broken Training System Kit includes resources to expand on the following:

  • Why producing “Read & Understood” training records for SOPs / (eSigned Printouts) may not be enough to satisfy external regulators |Article: Moving Beyond R & U SOP Training
  • 2 misconceptions about today’s training systems may be contributing to a lack of awareness about what a training system is and is not |White Paper: So You Want a Robust Training System
  • 6 additional criteria to use besides the most senior employee when selecting your SMEs as Trainers |Article: Nominating Your SMEs as Qualified Trainers
  • Why 3 other cross-functional quality systems are needed to sustain your quality training system |Article: Why Training is More Than a Check in the Box
  • Primary questions to ask regarding the status of the 6 essential elements |EZ Assessor Questionnaire

The kit is a convenient bundle of the above and includes the EZ Assessor Questions and Scoring Results.

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Who is Vivian Bringslimark?

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