If Training is So Easy

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Article Abstract:
Training programs do not have to be complex to be successful. There are basic elements, however, that all must have to meet FDA requirements and ensure that employees have the knowledge and skills to maintain high quality standards.
So what constitutes good training? Download the article below to learn more.

Take Aways:

  • Schematic of a training quality system
  • 11 Tasks for establishing a Quality Training System
  • List of key Training Program SOPs
  • List of 10 additional reading sources

Requestor Profile:
This article appeals to a wide audience.

How Used:

  • For some, it is used as an introduction to training and viewing training as a system.
  • Some Compliance Trainers forward it to their bosses to validate the message.
  • Some L & D Trainers share it with their Qualified Trainers as required reading.

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