So You Want a Robust Training System?

Are you really ready for what you want?


This white paper clarifies two misconceptions regarding training systems:

1.) Implementing a robust training system is more than having a sophisticated Learning Management System (LMS). The Training System is NOT the LMS.
2.) Having a robust training system is more than having a set of newly published procedures. “Because it’s now in the SOP”, will not make your new training system robust.

An in-depth explanation of the 6 key elements of a robust training system.
The white paper also discusses workplace environmental factors that also influence the sustainability of the system post-launch.

How Used:
The most popular use is to educate other peers from cross-functional departments on what is/is not a robust training.



These 6 elements are part of Robust Training Systems

“Readiness Factors
An assessment is the first step to determine the depth of implementation of each of the six training system elements.  The readiness assessment must also examine the system linkages with other key quality systems. Lastly, the assessment needs to evaluate workplace environmental factors to identify the enablers and barriers of other management systems.”

Do all these processes at your site align coherently or are they fragmented, redundant, inefficient? Your training system is probably broken.

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