The Big Training CAPA

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Meet the Training Manager
He reported to the Director of QA. But was also split between two full-time roles: QA Document Control and the newly assigned role of Training Manager. His QA staff was small and no one was 100% dedicated to training. As a CDMO (contract development and manufacturing organization), they were expected to host client audits with little notice which occurred frequently. Once the news broke about their situation, managing clients’ expectations and requests for audits and updates nearly became a full-time job.

Find out what was getting in their way – what their biggest obstacles were.

Learn more about the immediate actions that were taken to get the original training projects back on track and

  • the Path Forward to resume operations
  • their milestones
  • and the detours that ended up being Smart Moves

Bonus: Check out how this CAPA aligned across four organizational levels!

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