Why Training is More Than a Check in the Box

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This article examines the systems approach for designing a training process and implementing training requirements. It highlights the need for linkages to other key quality systems such as Change Control, CAPA and Internal Auditing and describes characteristics of proactive companies whose training systems are in control.

Take Aways:

  • Training Inputs, Process and Outputs Table
  • 5 Organizational Factors that Influences a Training System
  • Consequences of event driven training and quick fixes.
  • Typical Requester:  Compliance Training Managers and QA Directors

How Use:

  • For some, it is used as an introduction to training and viewing training as a system.
  • Some Compliance Trainers forward it to their bosses to validate the message that effective training is done within a robust training system and not as a quick fix plug.
  • Some L & D Training Managers use this article to draw attention to workplace environment factors that enhance a/o impeded learning transfer success.

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