Nominating Your SMEs as Qualified Trainers


This article explores what it takes to really qualify your SMEs (subject matter experts) to become qualified as an OJT Trainer.

Excerpt: “Oh, not again! Not another follow up email requesting names for the QT Workshop!” If you’re like most managers, you probably have not given this much consideration. And when pressed for supporting documentation to complete the paperwork, you sigh and move on to the next email in your mobile device.   It’s not that you intentionally want to ignore the request or that you don’t support the program, you just don’t know what it really takes to become a qualified OJT Trainer and therefore, which of your SMEs should you send. So you send the names of all of them or you send your best technical SME.

Take Aways:

  • Description of 8 criteria to use to justify nominating a SME.
  • Points to consider for deploying QTs in the organization.

Typical Requester:

  • This article appeals to QA, Reg Affairs and L & D Training Managers who are tasked with delivering an in house Train-the-Trainer course for department SMEs.
  • The article also appeals to QC, Operations and Production Development Management who want to know why being a Subject Matter Expert doesn’t automatically make them a QT.

How Used:

  • The primary purpose is to provide the additional criteria for nominating an SME to become a qualified trainer.
  • To support the premise that seniority and technical expertise is not enough qualification criteria.

Who is the Author, Vivian Bringslimark?

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