Will the Real Program Please Stand Up

Subtitle: Sustaining QT Momentum Post Launch

So you delivered the Train-the-Trainer program, had the graduation ceremony, and then what happened? If you’re like most compliance trainers, you had a lot of activity initially and then the whole program just seemed to fizzle out. OR maybe you got pulled into an urgent project and had to put the Qualified Trainer’s (QT) project on hold for a while.

You are not unique; you are not alone.  This white paper explores what happens after the Train the Trainer course is delivered and the barriers that get in the way of transferring learning to job performance success.

Table of Contents:

3 Clues for Sponsorships
Employee Qualification
Day After the QT Workshop Ends
Workplace Environment Influences
Required Drivers for QT’s Success
When is success day?
Is maintenance mode the new finish line?
Keeping the Momentum on a Steady Pace of Focused Activities

White Paper includes:

  • Clarity on what “program” we are talking about.
  • Explanation of roles, responsibilities, and expectations for the program.
  • Suggestions for how to reboot engagement for QTs and the overall SOJT / Employee Qualification Program.
  • Job Aid Checklist – Questions to Ask

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