We made the move to Performance Consulting

HPISC. Resource Library: Content Area: Effectiveness/Performance Alignment

Item: White Paper – We made the move to performance consulting: then why do they still want training?

WP_Made the Move to PC_Picture1Abstract:
This white paper examines the disappointing scenario that many Performance Consultants (PCs) experience after launching human performance improvement as their new approach to solving performance problems: Clients still want only training.
With the focus heavily on the Trainer – now gone Performance Consultant, we mustn’t overlook the Client’s transition from training to performance consulting and what that entails.

  • Take Aways:
  • This paper presents three critical concerns to consider when working with Clients.
  • In addition, a look at on-going relationship development is emphasized.
  • An example of reframing a “training-only” request is provided and demonstrates how effective root cause analysis can be for a reframing opportunity.
  • Lastly, the paper describes how a Performance Consultant can really demonstrate their value by becoming a serious Performance Consultant.

Typical Requester:
White the intention of this white paper is for Performance Consultants and Human Resources professionals, Trainers who have recently become Performance Consultants will find this paper beneficial as well.

How Used:
Newly minted PC’s request this white paper to seek answers about what’s getting in the way of the mind-shift to performance consulting.


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